Ryo and Jean Komae Scholarship

Ryo and Jean Komae are long-time residents of Southern California. They are second-generation Japanese-Americans who raised three sons in Gardena. They are the proud grandparents of nine and have also been blessed with 6 great-grandchildren.

Ryo is a graduate of USC’s School of Pharmacy and owned Gardena Pharmacy from the early 1950s until his retirement in 1981. It was there that he mentored many young Japanese American pharmacists, as well as other young people whom he employed. Jean was a housewife for many years before graduating from Cal State Long Beach in 1972 with a degree in Home Economics. She went on to educate many young people in Home Economics in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

For decades, Ryo and Jean have been involved in many church ministries, both at Gardena Valley Baptist Church and their current church, Coast Christian Fellowship in Torrance. They have also participated in numerous activities in the city of Gardena including the Boy Scouts, Sansei Baseball, F.O.R. Junior Sports Association, Kiwanis and the YMCA.

They are committed to Christian family values and the importance of a strong family foundation. Ryo and Jean are happily enjoying their retirement years and love seeing young people succeed in many different areas of life.

It is with great joy that Ryo and Jean lend their support to the next generation of Asian American Christian mental health counselors and therapists.