Externship Program

Deadline for Applications: June 1st. For more information, please contact Eleanor Huang, Externship Program Coordinator:  ehuang@aaccs.org

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this externship program is to provide opportunities for individuals to explore careers in mental health counseling and psychotherapy within the context of Christian faith and practice. It is intended to give an insider’s view of the day-to- day work life of a Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and/or Clinical Psychologist. It is also intended to offer insight into the challenges, responsibilities, and rewards of choosing either of these career paths.
  2. Program Considerations: The externship is time-limited, offers no pay or academic credit. Informational interviews are the central part of the program. These interviews may include on-site visits to counseling offices, agencies or facilities. Where on-site visits are not possible due to privacy concerns or scheduling, informational interviews may also occur by telephone or at a mutually agreed upon location. Members of AACCS’ clinical staff, Board of Directors, and affiliates of AACCS will act as Extern Sponsors. Participation of Extern Sponsors may vary from year to year.
  3. Eligibility: This program is open to post bachelor’s degree individuals and/or seniors at an accredited college or university.
  4. Length and Availability: The externship shall run for a period of 60 days, usually between July 1st participation of at least 8 Externship Sponsors. The extern must be flexible and available for an orientation, schedule interviews, attend one educational session at AACCS, and participate in an evaluation/exit interview at the close of the program. The actual hours completed at the end of the externship will vary depending on each Sponsor’s availability and offering. The goal is to provide a minimum of 10 contact hours with mental health professionals.
  5. Responsibilities: Externs have complete responsibility for contacting Sponsors and for making arrangements for the externship interviews in a timely manner. In some cases where there is more than one Extern participating, we may advise scheduling with a sponsor as a group.Professional conduct is expected which includes the courtesy of notifying sponsors of any changes to scheduling, delays in arrival, dressing appropriately for interviews, and sending appropriate letters of thanks following each interview.Because counselors and psychotherapists must adhere to strict rules of confidentiality (both legally and ethically), Externs shall also conduct themselves similarly with regard to maintaining the privacy rights of any individual(s) whose presence, name, or other identifying information may be inadvertently and August 30th observed or overheard while attending the site of any Sponsor or agency related to this externship program. A log of time spent at each externship interview or activity shall be maintained by the Externs along with notes regarding insights learned from each experience. This information will be used for the exit interview and for the purpose of issuing a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.
  6. Requirements: As a Christian organization, AACCS requires each Extern to agree to and sign the organization’s Statement of Faith. Additionally, each Extern is required to accept and sign the Extern Release Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement.
  7. Application: A screening interview is required with the Externship Coordinator before submitting an application. The application consists of a resume along with a letter of interest stating the reasons for your interest in this program. Include any personal, academic, and/or pre-professional experience and interests that are relevant to how you came to have an interest in mental health counseling, how your faith enters into your considerations, and questions that you hope to have addressed through this externship program. Please include two references.